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A warm welcome to the Willis Tree Wiki - think of it as a Wikipedia for the Willis Tree website.

Every family has it's stories.

Stories handed down through generations. Funny anecdotes, heart-warming tales of love, stories of family tragedy, and mystery, of triumph over adversity. These stories deserve to be told. But before the telling there needs to be research. Stories that sound authentic need fact-checking to prise away the myth that has grown up around the kernel of fact.

Each and every name in the Willis Tree represents a life lived.

The Willis Tree Wiki intended as a repository of stories which add colour, depth, context and perspective to the lives of people in my extended family tree. The articles and stories in the Wiki add 'meat to the bones' of the historical facts stored in the Willis Tree database, and cast light on the real lives of our families and how they were affected by historical events.

Each narrative has been fully researched and resourced from personal documents and records and from online resources. Each story is tagged with one or more Categories - for example: surnames, inquests, migration, places etc (see full list below).

Where possible, where an individual is named in a Wiki article, their name is highlighted in bold, with a link to their record in the main Willis Tree website.

And, when browsing the main Willis Tree site, if you see a 'post-it note' icon next to someone's name (see image below), click on the icon to open their page in the Wiki.

Click on the 'post-it note' icon to open a Wiki entry
Click on the 'post-it note' icon to open a Wiki entry

If you have stories about your ancestors that you would be willing to share as part of the family history, please contact me.

Index of Categories

The articles in the Wiki are tagged by categories - most have more than one category.

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