Werribee, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANGWIN, Neil Douglas  1925Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10208
2 BALFOUR, Betsy  1894Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10201
3 BALFOUR, Elizabeth Rebecca  1897Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10202
4 BALFOUR, George Arthur  1899Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10203
5 BALFOUR, Martha Gladys  1904Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10205
6 BALFOUR, Muriel Beatrice  1902Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10204
7 BALFOUR, Stephen  1892Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10200
8 BALFOUR, unknown  1891Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10199
9 EVERETT, Augustus Moore  21 Sep 1892Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10280
10 EVERETT, Dorothy May  1924Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10290
11 HAWKSFORD, Elizabeth Mary Jane  1869Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10220
12 HOPPER, Adeline Maud  1895Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10224
13 HOPPER, Alexander Stephen  1906Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10213
14 HOPPER, Arthur Albert  1908Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10228
15 HOPPER, Beatrice May  25 May 1886Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4067
16 HOPPER, David Frank  1926Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10277
17 HOPPER, Dorothy Isobel  2 Sep 1916Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10232
18 HOPPER, Elizabeth  1861Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4058
19 HOPPER, Elizabeth Ann Minnie  1900Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10212
20 HOPPER, Elizabeth Eleanor  25 Oct 1897Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10225
21 HOPPER, Ellen Irene  1930Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10294
22 HOPPER, Ernest George  1914Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10231
23 HOPPER, Ernest Victor  1899Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10226
24 HOPPER, Gladys Esther Victoria  1906Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10227
25 HOPPER, Martha  1863Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4059
26 HOPPER, Martha May  1892Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10223
27 HOPPER, Stephen  13 Jul 1859Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4056
28 HOPPER, Walter George  1891Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10222
29 HOPPER, William George  1919Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10275
30 SMITH, Archibald Henry  6 Apr 1916Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10236
31 SMITH, John Henry  1882Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10234
32 STEWART, Grace Jessie McLellan  1884Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10229


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANGWIN, Herbert John  9 Oct 1968Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10207
2 ANGWIN, Neil Douglas  1925Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10208
3 BALFOUR, Betsy  1894Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10201
4 BALFOUR, Elizabeth Rebecca  18 Jun 1976Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10202
5 BALFOUR, George Arthur  1901Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10203
6 BALFOUR, Martha Gladys  1904Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10205
7 BALFOUR, unknown  1891Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10199
8 BALFOUR, William Walls  1907Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10198
9 CAMERON, Jessie Elizabeth  1907Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10210
10 EVERETT, Eva  17 Aug 1978Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10283
11 EVERETT, Rosetta  5 Jul 1958Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10274
12 HAWKSFORD, Elizabeth Mary Jane  16 Apr 1945Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10220
13 HOPPER, Albert Ernest  1897Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4065
14 HOPPER, Alexander Stephen  1906Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10213
15 HOPPER, Arthur Albert  5 Jul 1977Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10228
16 HOPPER, Arthur Edward  22 Aug 1941Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4064
17 HOPPER, Beatrice May  16 Jan 1960Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4067
18 HOPPER, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1944Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4058
19 HOPPER, Elizabeth Ann Minnie  7 Mar 1982Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10212
20 HOPPER, Ellen Irene  24 Aug 1944Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10294
21 HOPPER, Ernest George  1969Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10231
22 HOPPER, Ernest Victor  22 Feb 1967Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10226
23 HOPPER, George Victor  11 May 1964Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4066
24 HOPPER, Raymond Desmond  7 Jun 1978Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10284
25 HOPPER, Stephen  20 Jan 1908Werribee, Victoria, Australia I1465
26 HOPPER, Walter George  15 Feb 1925Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4060
27 HOPPER, Walter George  9 Feb 1970Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10222
28 LYMER, John  7 Sep 1935Werribee, Victoria, Australia I8888
29 LYMER, Muriel Florence  20 May 1982Werribee, Victoria, Australia I8889
30 MILLER, Ellen Mary  19 Feb 1998Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10291
31 ROGERS, Elizabeth Rebecca  27 Jan 1917Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4055
32 ROGERS, Patrick Thomas  2 May 1964Werribee, Victoria, Australia I8890
33 SANTZ, Amy Martha  27 Jun 1980Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10247
34 SMITH, Archibald Henry  18 Jun 1986Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10236
35 SMITH, Helen Maud  5 Sep 1954Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10209
36 SMITH, John Henry  18 Sep 1951Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10234
37 STEWART, Grace Jessie McLellan  19 Mar 1920Werribee, Victoria, Australia I10229


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Insolvency    Person ID 
1 HOPPER, George Victor  22 Apr 1914Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4066
2 HOPPER, George Victor  21 Apr 1917Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4066
3 HOPPER, George Victor  29 Nov 1918Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4066
4 HOPPER, Walter George  30 Apr 1904Werribee, Victoria, Australia I4060


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANGWIN / BALFOUR  Abt 1925Werribee, Victoria, Australia F2759
2 SMITH / HOPPER  1910Werribee, Victoria, Australia F2765