Southampton, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GOLDEN, Bettina  1917Southampton, Hampshire, England I7805
2 GREET, Florence Edith  1908Southampton, Hampshire, England I6889
3 HENBEST, Doris May  1908Southampton, Hampshire, England I6958
4 KING, Audrey C  1928Southampton, Hampshire, England I5924
5 KING, Lillian M  1899Southampton, Hampshire, England I5920
6 KING, Pauline R  1930Southampton, Hampshire, England I6024
7 KING, Sylvia M  1926Southampton, Hampshire, England I5923
8 KING, William Frederick J  1900Southampton, Hampshire, England I5921
9 KING, William James  1875Southampton, Hampshire, England I5870
10 KINGSNORTH, Cyril  1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I7220
11 KINGSNORTH, Frederick Charles  1904Southampton, Hampshire, England I6238
12 KINGSNORTH, Harold Leslie  31 Jul 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I7776
13 KINGSNORTH, Irene M  1918Southampton, Hampshire, England I7773
14 KINGSNORTH, Kenneth  1914Southampton, Hampshire, England I7751
15 KINGSNORTH, Norman Ivor  22 Sep 1921Southampton, Hampshire, England I7775
16 KINGSNORTH, Peggy  1920Southampton, Hampshire, England I7774
17 KINGSNORTH, Phyllis May  1916Southampton, Hampshire, England I7772
18 KINGSNORTH, Reginald George  1909Southampton, Hampshire, England I6781
19 KINGSNORTH, Ronald N  1916Southampton, Hampshire, England I6816
20 KINGSNORTH, William Henry  1906Southampton, Hampshire, England I6497
21 MASON, Harold Solomon Ralph  05 Feb 1909Southampton, Hampshire, England I4414
22 STUTCHBURY, Eva Millicent  1887Southampton, Hampshire, England I6839


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GREET, Florence Edith  1976Southampton, Hampshire, England I6889
2 HOPGOOD, Sarah Ann  1929Southampton, Hampshire, England I5867
3 KING, William Frederick J  1963Southampton, Hampshire, England I5921
4 KING, William James  1932Southampton, Hampshire, England I5870
5 KINGSNORTH, Cyril  1975Southampton, Hampshire, England I7220
6 KINGSNORTH, Frederick Charles  1917Southampton, Hampshire, England I8633
7 KINGSNORTH, Frederick Charles  1960Southampton, Hampshire, England I6238
8 KINGSNORTH, Harold Leslie  1997Southampton, Hampshire, England I7776
9 KINGSNORTH, Kenneth  1969Southampton, Hampshire, England I7751
10 KINGSNORTH, Norman Ivor  1991Southampton, Hampshire, England I7775
11 KINGSNORTH, Peggy  1920Southampton, Hampshire, England I7774
12 KINGSNORTH, Phyllis May  1988Southampton, Hampshire, England I7772
13 KINGSNORTH, Reginald George  1992Southampton, Hampshire, England I6781
14 KINGSNORTH, Ronald N  1917Southampton, Hampshire, England I6816
15 KINGSNORTH, Rose Elizabeth  1960Southampton, Hampshire, England I5868
16 KINGSNORTH, William Henry  1956Southampton, Hampshire, England I6026
17 KINGSNORTH, William Henry  1976Southampton, Hampshire, England I6497
18 LIGHT, Kate Annie  1924Southampton, Hampshire, England I7155
19 PHILPS, Mary Jane  1959Southampton, Hampshire, England I6237


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 GREENLAND, Jane  28 Apr 1904Southampton, Hampshire, England I1305
2 KINGSNORTH, Horace Andrew  2 Sep 1948Southampton, Hampshire, England I742


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CROUCH / KING  1948Southampton, Hampshire, England F3003
2 KINGSNORTH / GOLDEN  1938Southampton, Hampshire, England F3018
3 KINGSNORTH / GREET  1930Southampton, Hampshire, England F3006
4 KINGSNORTH / LIGHT  1911Southampton, Hampshire, England F3013
5 KINGSNORTH / SPURDLE  1947Southampton, Hampshire, England F3014
6 KINGSNORTH / STUTCHBURY  1932Southampton, Hampshire, England F3005