Poplar, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOUGLAS, Eleanor  1878Poplar, London, England I9263
2 DOUGLAS, James  1874Poplar, London, England I9251
3 DOUGLAS, James  1896Poplar, London, England I9253
4 DOUGLAS, Jane  1867Poplar, London, England I9260
5 DOUGLAS, John  1868Poplar, London, England I9261
6 DOUGLAS, Lilian  1900Poplar, London, England I9255
7 DOUGLAS, Stanley John  20 Sep 1901Poplar, London, England I9247
8 DOUGLAS, William Minns  1898Poplar, London, England I9254
9 DOUGLAS, Wilson  1870Poplar, London, England I9262
10 FLACK, Nellie W  1899Poplar, London, England I4194
11 GRIFFIN, James C S  1920Poplar, London, England I4457
12 HAM, Emily Amelia  1880Poplar, London, England I8591
13 KING, Ethel  1897Poplar, London, England I897
14 KINGSNORTH, Catherine A  1923Poplar, London, England I4454
15 KINGSNORTH, Gladys I  1916Poplar, London, England I4452
16 KINGSNORTH, Henry John C  25 Feb 1915Poplar, London, England I4451
17 KINGSNORTH, Joan Elizabeth  20 Jan 1927Poplar, London, England I4455
18 KINGSNORTH, Margaret G  1918Poplar, London, England I4453
19 LIGHTFOOT, Ada Beatrice  3 Dec 1873Poplar, London, England I732
20 LIGHTFOOT, Bessie  4 Mar 1872Poplar, London, England I731
21 MINCHER, Arthur W F  1911Poplar, London, England I10677
22 MINNS, Maria Eliza  1875Poplar, London, England I9252
23 SULLIVAN, Annie  1877Poplar, London, England I3800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DOUGLAS, James  1905Poplar, London, England I9258
2 KINGSNORTH, Emma Maud  1967Poplar, London, England I4465
3 KINGSNORTH, Gladys I  1920Poplar, London, England I4452


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DOUGLAS / MINNS  1894, DecQPoplar, London, England F2511
2 KINGSNORTH / RIDDALL  1912Poplar, London, England F1596
3 MINCHER / ROSE  1911Poplar, London, England F2886
4 NICHOLAS / HAM  26 Aug 1901Poplar, London, England F2202