Plumstead, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER, Alice Elizabeth Minter  13 Jun 1869Plumstead, Kent, England I9502
2 ALEFOUNDER, Henry Thomas  1860Plumstead, Kent, England I9500
3 ANGEL, Mary Anne  1872Plumstead, Kent, England I7523
4 BARTHOLOMEW, Harry  1865Plumstead, Kent, England I7075
5 CLARINGBOULD, Eliza Alice  Mar 1877Plumstead, Kent, England I7087
6 CLARINGBOULD, Robert David  Sep 1879Plumstead, Kent, England I7088
7 CLARINGBOULD, William Henry  Mar 1876Plumstead, Kent, England I7086
8 DANN, Anne M  Abt 1855Plumstead, Kent, England I2041
9 DUNN, George Edward  13 Sep 1887Plumstead, Kent, England I7960
10 HILLS, William  1872Plumstead, Kent, England I9965
11 HOPPER, Alfred Clare  Jun 1876Plumstead, Kent, England I7053
12 HOPPER, Alice Maria  06 Jun 1858Plumstead, Kent, England I7005
13 HOPPER, Alice May  Dec 1898Plumstead, Kent, England I7525
14 HOPPER, Christian Tennyson  Sep 1869Plumstead, Kent, England I7048
15 HOPPER, Daisy Amelia  Dec 1867Plumstead, Kent, England I7047
16 HOPPER, Edward E  1900Plumstead, Kent, England I7540
17 HOPPER, Eliza Harriet  Jun 1846Plumstead, Kent, England I7001
18 HOPPER, Elizabeth Matilda  Dec 1847Plumstead, Kent, England I7002
19 HOPPER, Elsie Louise  Jun 1888Plumstead, Kent, England I7519
20 HOPPER, Ernest Arthur  1882Plumstead, Kent, England I7056
21 HOPPER, Ethel Rose  Jun 1890Plumstead, Kent, England I7520
22 HOPPER, Flora Evangelina  Sep 1879Plumstead, Kent, England I7055
23 HOPPER, Frances Elenor  Mar 1852Plumstead, Kent, England I7004
24 HOPPER, Gertude Olive  Dec 1897Plumstead, Kent, England I7524
25 HOPPER, Grace Lillian  Dec 1873Plumstead, Kent, England I7051
26 HOPPER, Henry  Sep 1849Plumstead, Kent, England I7003
27 HOPPER, Henry George A  Mar 1886Plumstead, Kent, England I7518
28 HOPPER, Herbert Henry  Mar 1866Plumstead, Kent, England I7046
29 HOPPER, Ivy Matilda  Dec 1877Plumstead, Kent, England I7054
30 HOPPER, Kate Daisy  Mar 1900Plumstead, Kent, England I7522
31 HOPPER, Mabel Ruth  Jun 1883Plumstead, Kent, England I7057
32 HOPPER, Maud Alice  Mar 1894Plumstead, Kent, England I7521
33 HOPPER, Olive Camilla  10 Apr 1886Plumstead, Kent, England I7058
34 HOPPER, Percy Charles  Jun 1871Plumstead, Kent, England I7049
35 HOPPER, Percy Henry  15 Aug 1896Plumstead, Kent, England I7538
36 HOPPER, Rosalie M  1865Plumstead, Kent, England I7045
37 HOPPER, Ruth  1898Plumstead, Kent, England I7530
38 HOPPER, Sydney William  Dec 1872Plumstead, Kent, England I7050
39 HOPPER, Violet Winifred  Jun 1875Plumstead, Kent, England I7052
40 HORTON, Evelyn Lucy  Sep 1878Plumstead, Kent, England I7063
41 HORTON, Fanny  Dec 1862Plumstead, Kent, England I7060
42 HORTON, Frederick William  Mar 1881Plumstead, Kent, England I7064
43 LONGMAN, Daisy  1892Plumstead, Kent, England I7514
44 LONGMAN, Edward  1894Plumstead, Kent, England I7515
45 LONGMAN, Eunice R  1890Plumstead, Kent, England I7513
46 LONGMAN, Lilian  1897Plumstead, Kent, England I7516
47 SHEPHERD, William Ernest Sidney  30 Nov 1908Plumstead, Kent, England I7502
48 SHOWLER, Lydia Violet  Sep 1897Plumstead, Kent, England I7532
49 SHOWLER, Steven Edward  Sep 1899Plumstead, Kent, England I7533
50 SPENCER, Elizabeth Susannah  1883Plumstead, Kent, England I11312

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANSELL, Fanny Ann  1899Plumstead, Kent, England I6996
2 FOSTER, Catherine  14 Sep 1907Plumstead, Kent, England I1132
3 FOSTER, Mary Ann  6 May 1898Plumstead, Kent, England I937
4 HOPPER, Daisy Amelia  1896Plumstead, Kent, England I7047
5 HOPPER, Edward Joseph  1921Plumstead, Kent, England I6998
6 HOPPER, Ernest Arthur  1904Plumstead, Kent, England I7056
7 HOPPER, Ivy Matilda  1902Plumstead, Kent, England I7054
8 HOPPER, Sydney William  1904Plumstead, Kent, England I7050
9 STREETON, Mary Ann  1929Plumstead, Kent, England I7044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER, Rushbrook  03 Nov 1866Plumstead, Kent, England I9501


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARTHOLOMEW / HOPPER  Mar 1863Plumstead, Kent, England F1924
2 HOPPER / BOND  03 Dec 1859Plumstead, Kent, England F1917
3 HOPPER / HART  26 Aug 1933Plumstead, Kent, England F2071
4 HOPPER / PASSMORE  Jun 1885Plumstead, Kent, England F2050
5 HOPPER / STREETON  15 Jun 1861Plumstead, Kent, England F1918
6 HORTON / HOPPER  Mar 1862Plumstead, Kent, England F1919
7 SHEPHERD / HOPPER  19 Aug 1905Plumstead, Kent, England F2042
8 SHOWLER / HOPPER  Dec 1896Plumstead, Kent, England F2054
9 WENMAN / BURCHALL  10 Jul 1909Plumstead, Kent, England F1210