Northbourne, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMOS, Ellen Jane  Sep 1884Northbourne, Kent, England I1039
2 AMOS, Henry George  Jun 1889Northbourne, Kent, England I1040
3 AMOS, Mary Ann  Dec 1880Northbourne, Kent, England I1038
4 BEER, Burkett  1684Northbourne, Kent, England I9451
5 BEER, George  Abt 1650Northbourne, Kent, England I9454
6 BEER, George  Abt 1686Northbourne, Kent, England I9459
7 BLACKMAN, Edward  1783Northbourne, Kent, England I10142
8 BLACKMAN, Hannah  1785Northbourne, Kent, England I10143
9 BLACKMAN, William  1789Northbourne, Kent, England I10144
10 BUSHELL, Alfred  1887Northbourne, Kent, England I10407
11 BUSHELL, William  1889Northbourne, Kent, England I10408
12 CASTLE, Jane  Abt 1849Northbourne, Kent, England I8448
13 CASTLE, Joseph Barwick  Abt 1808Northbourne, Kent, England I3712
14 DEWELL, Emily  1863Northbourne, Kent, England I9878
15 FAGG, Alfred  1850Northbourne, Kent, England I9826
16 FAGG, David  1897Northbourne, Kent, England I9885
17 FAGG, Emily Frances  Abt 1873Northbourne, Kent, England I2640
18 FAGG, Emma  14 Sep 1846Northbourne, Kent, England I9824
19 FAGG, Ernest John  1893Northbourne, Kent, England I9883
20 FAGG, Frederick George  Abt 1880Northbourne, Kent, England I2641
21 FAGG, Ivy Maud  1907, MarQNorthbourne, Kent, England I8949
22 FAGG, Richard  1852Northbourne, Kent, England I9827
23 FAGG, Robert  1859Northbourne, Kent, England I9831
24 FAGG, Rose  1861Northbourne, Kent, England I9832
25 FAGG, Stephen  1854Northbourne, Kent, England I9828
26 FAGG, Walter Ernest  1895Northbourne, Kent, England I9884
27 FAGG, William  2 Aug 1848Northbourne, Kent, England I9825
28 GOLDSACK, Ann  Abt 1838Northbourne, Kent, England I2035
29 GOLDSACK, Peter  Abt 1836Northbourne, Kent, England I2038
30 GROOMBRIDGE, George Wellard  Abt 1878Northbourne, Kent, England I1093
31 GROOMBRIDGE, Sarah Elizabeth  1877Northbourne, Kent, England I8706
32 HOPPER, Alfred  Jun 1878Northbourne, Kent, England I1030
33 HOPPER, Lizzie  Abt 1877Northbourne, Kent, England I1752
34 JORDAN, Abraham  1728Northbourne, Kent, England I8054
35 JORDAN, Ann  1684Northbourne, Kent, England I8080
36 JORDAN, John  1696Northbourne, Kent, England I8071
37 JORDAN, William  1730Northbourne, Kent, England I8075
38 LAURENCE, Emma Catharine  1875Northbourne, Kent, England I3259
39 NUTLEY, Arthur John  1888Northbourne, Kent, England I8718
40 NUTLEY, Edwin Coleman  1891Northbourne, Kent, England I8720
41 NUTLEY, Edwin Frank  1881Northbourne, Kent, England I8715
42 NUTLEY, George Henry  1888Northbourne, Kent, England I8719
43 NUTLEY, Katey Mary  1885Northbourne, Kent, England I8717
44 NUTLEY, Louisa Jane  1883Northbourne, Kent, England I8716
45 NUTLEY, Walter James  1879Northbourne, Kent, England I8714
46 SUTTON, Thomas  Abt 1842Northbourne, Kent, England I2110
47 TURNER, George  1847Northbourne, Kent, England I942
48 TURNER, Jane Elizabeth  6 Oct 1846Northbourne, Kent, England I941
49 TURNER, Thomas  1853Northbourne, Kent, England I944
50 TURNER, William  1851Northbourne, Kent, England I943

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BEER, Burkett  12 Nov 1684Northbourne, Kent, England I9451
2 BLACKMAN, Hannah  25 Dec 1785Northbourne, Kent, England I10143
3 BLACKMAN, William  8 Feb 1789Northbourne, Kent, England I10144
4 FAGG, Richard  19 Jan 1783Northbourne, Kent, England I11074
5 JORDAN, Abraham  09 Jun 1728Northbourne, Kent, England I8054
6 JORDAN, Ann  1684Northbourne, Kent, England I8080
7 JORDAN, John  05 Jul 1696Northbourne, Kent, England I8071
8 JORDAN, William  07 Oct 1730Northbourne, Kent, England I8075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACKMAN, Edward  1827Northbourne, Kent, England I10140
2 BLACKMAN, Edward  1784Northbourne, Kent, England I10142
3 JORDAN, John P(Jourdain)  1701Northbourne, Kent, England I8078
4 KINGSFORD, Ann  1705Northbourne, Kent, England I8079


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mary  8 Feb 1843Northbourne, Kent, England I10141
2 BLACKMAN, Edward  4 Feb 1784Northbourne, Kent, England I10142


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLACKMAN / BROWN  19 Nov 1808Northbourne, Kent, England F2742
2 FAGG / HOPPER  6 Apr 1844Northbourne, Kent, England F2663
3 GOLDSACK / PREBBLE  08 Sep 1803Northbourne, Kent, England F911