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Folkestone, Kent, England


Latitude: 51.0813970, Longitude: 1.1694560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1812Folkestone, Kent, England I9576
2 AIANO, John Cyril  1889Folkestone, Kent, England I7446
3 ALLWORTH, Emily  Abt 1825Folkestone, Kent, England I1307
4 BAILEY, Albert Edward  Sep 1887Folkestone, Kent, England I7103
5 BAILEY, Ethel Francis  Dec 1885Folkestone, Kent, England I7102
6 BAILEY, Nellie  Mar 1884Folkestone, Kent, England I7101
7 BAILEY, William Frederick  Sep 1880Folkestone, Kent, England I7100
8 BENEFIELD, Edith  1908Folkestone, Kent, England I6393
9 BENEFIELD, Frederick James  1913Folkestone, Kent, England I6394
10 CALES, Alice  Abt 1630Folkestone, Kent, England I3334
11 CATCHPOOL, John  6 Sep 1808Folkestone, Kent, England I10912
12 CLARINGBOLD, Hector Horace  Abt 1899Folkestone, Kent, England I12221
13 CLARINGBOLD, William  Abt 1896Folkestone, Kent, England I12220
14 COOK, Charles  1863Folkestone, Kent, England I10808
15 COOK, Grace  1869Folkestone, Kent, England I10810
16 COOK, James V  1875Folkestone, Kent, England I10807
17 COOK, John Henry  1874Folkestone, Kent, England I10148
18 COOK, William  1871Folkestone, Kent, England I10809
19 D'AVRANCHES, William Lord of Folkestone  Abt 1120Folkestone, Kent, England I3178
20 FAGG, Archbald George  Mar 1888Folkestone, Kent, England I11962
21 FAGG, Archibald George  1888Folkestone, Kent, England I10826
22 FAGG, Elsie Gertrude  1892Folkestone, Kent, England I10827
23 FAGG, Florence Lucy  1882Folkestone, Kent, England I10825
24 FAGG, Florence Lucy  1883Folkestone, Kent, England I22781
25 FAGG, Leonard Frederick  Between Jul 1893 and Sep 1893Folkestone, Kent, England I11964
26 FAGG, Leonard Frederick  1894Folkestone, Kent, England I10828
27 FEARN, Jane  9 Jan 1758Folkestone, Kent, England I1186
28 FEDARB, Alfred  1862Folkestone, Kent, England I4802
29 FEDARB, Amelia  1883Folkestone, Kent, England I4909
30 FEDARB, Charles  1864Folkestone, Kent, England I4803
31 FEDARB, Fanny Martha  1859Folkestone, Kent, England I4801
32 FEDARB, George  1866Folkestone, Kent, England I4804
33 FEDARB, George E  Abt 1880Folkestone, Kent, England I4910
34 FEDARB, Harriett  1870Folkestone, Kent, England I4806
35 FEDARB, John J  Abt 1877Folkestone, Kent, England I4911
36 FEDARB, Maud  Abt 1895Folkestone, Kent, England I4912
37 FEDARB, Rosey E  Abt 1896Folkestone, Kent, England I4913
38 FEDARB, Sally  1868Folkestone, Kent, England I4805
39 FEDARB, Thomas S  Abt 1890Folkestone, Kent, England I4914
40 FEDARB, Thomas William  1856Folkestone, Kent, England I4800
41 FLACK, Alice Gertrude  Jun 1886Folkestone, Kent, England I7560
42 GAMMON, Albert  Jun 1893Folkestone, Kent, England I7973
43 GILLILAND, George Sidney  09 Oct 1915Folkestone, Kent, England I5752
44 GILLILAND, John Stephen  15 Jun 1919Folkestone, Kent, England I5753
45 GILLILAND, Norah Kathleen  27 Mar 1912Folkestone, Kent, England I5751
46 GILLILAND, William Albert  21 Mar 1909Folkestone, Kent, England I5750
47 GOODYEAR, Hewitson Everest  1908Folkestone, Kent, England I20758
48 GREENLAND, Ann  7 Dec 1783Folkestone, Kent, England I1190
49 GREENLAND, Florence  Abt 1885Folkestone, Kent, England I1312
50 GREENLAND, George  1825Folkestone, Kent, England I1197

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FAGG, Archbald George  Apr 1888Folkestone, Kent, England I11962
2 FAGG, Archibald George  1 Apr 1888Folkestone, Kent, England I10826
3 FAGG, Gertrude M.  1 Jul 1882Folkestone, Kent, England I11961
4 FEARN, William  30 Jan 1725Folkestone, Kent, England I11168
5 FEARNE, Francis  19 Nov 1693Folkestone, Kent, England I11170
6 GREENLAND, Hannah  10 Dec 1828Folkestone, Kent, England I1198
7 GREENLAND, Hugh  07 Oct 1781Folkestone, Kent, England I1188
8 KEELER, Winifred Josaphine  1 Apr 1898Folkestone, Kent, England I11976
9 WINTER, Jacob  29 Aug 1725Folkestone, Kent, England I8915
10 WINTER, Jacob  28 Aug 1816Folkestone, Kent, England I4054
11 WINTER, Walter  3 Nov 1722Folkestone, Kent, England I3306
12 WOOD, Annie Elizabeth  Apr 1885Folkestone, Kent, England I11968
13 WOOD, George Christopher  Oct 1886Folkestone, Kent, England I11969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AIANO, Gladys Lillian  18 Nov 1940Folkestone, Kent, England I7448
2 BENEFIELD, Edith  1908Folkestone, Kent, England I6393
3 BENSTEAD, Benjamin  1961Folkestone, Kent, England I10057
4 CALES, Alice  7 Jan 1673Folkestone, Kent, England I3334
5 CHEESEMAN, Jane  8 Dec 1746Folkestone, Kent, England I3300
6 CLERK, Judith  5 Apr 1730Folkestone, Kent, England I3335
7 COLEGATE, Alfred  19 Nov 1940Folkestone, Kent, England I7449
8 D'AVRANCHES, William Lord of Folkestone  Bef 1190Folkestone, Kent, England I3178
9 DUNN, John  07 Dec 1891Folkestone, Kent, England I7956
10 EDWARDS, Helen  1965Folkestone, Kent, England I3783
11 GATES, Mary  24 Sep 1721Folkestone, Kent, England I3326
12 GILBERT, Edith  1959Folkestone, Kent, England I6448
13 GILLILAND, Sidney Herbert  Folkestone, Kent, England I2700
14 GILLILAND, William Albert  28 Mar 1905Folkestone, Kent, England I2696
15 GILLILAND, William Albert  26 Sep 1953Folkestone, Kent, England I2698
16 GOLDSACK, Mark  1861Folkestone, Kent, England I5689
17 HILDER, Frederick  1908Folkestone, Kent, England I5672
18 HILDER, Walter Robert  1897Folkestone, Kent, England I5675
19 HOOPER, Judith Ann  9 Apr 1971Folkestone, Kent, England I20760
20 HOPPER, Bessie Mary Mabel  1884Folkestone, Kent, England I7095
21 PHILPOTT, Frederick Goddard  27 Dec 1889Folkestone, Kent, England I7423
22 RUMBOLD, Sophia  18 Nov 1940Folkestone, Kent, England I7437
23 SEDGWICK, Susan  21 Mar 1936Folkestone, Kent, England I2691
24 SMITH, Ann  17 Dec 1796Folkestone, Kent, England I3295
25 SPEARPOINT, Baker  13 Mar 1721Folkestone, Kent, England I3343
26 SPEARPOINT, Baker  8 Apr 1782Folkestone, Kent, England I3303
27 SPEARPOINT, Edmund  29 Aug 1735Folkestone, Kent, England I3325
28 SPEARPOINT, Edmund  3 Jun 1748Folkestone, Kent, England I3299
29 SPEARPOINT, Elizabeth  24 May 1770Folkestone, Kent, England I3304
30 SPEARPOINT, Henry  2 Mar 1673Folkestone, Kent, England I3333
31 SPEARPOINT, Henry  25 Jan 1769Folkestone, Kent, England I3302
32 SPEARPOINT, Henry  12 Dec 1784Folkestone, Kent, England I3294
33 SPEARPOINT, Jane  1 Jul 1736Folkestone, Kent, England I3329
34 SPEARPOINT, John  11 Apr 1731Folkestone, Kent, England I3330
35 SPEARPOINT, Mary  30 Apr 1825Folkestone, Kent, England I3189
36 SPEARPOINT, Susannah  3 May 1730Folkestone, Kent, England I3331
37 THOMPSON, Alice Maud  02 May 1982Folkestone, Kent, England I7191
38 WEST, Alba  29 Mar 1908Folkestone, Kent, England I5797
39 WILLIS, David Herbert George  19 Apr 1959Folkestone, Kent, England I9467
40 WILLIS, Herbert William  21 Sep 1956Folkestone, Kent, England I3062
41 WINTER, ANN  1 Mar 1794Folkestone, Kent, England I3298
42 WINTER, ELIZABETH  19 Mar 1783Folkestone, Kent, England I3296
43 WINTER, Jacob  31 Jul 1811Folkestone, Kent, England I3188
44 WOOD, Edward Wilfred  1974Folkestone, Kent, England I11970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GREENLAND, Hannah  28 Jul 1829Folkestone, Kent, England I1198
2 WINTER, Jacob  19 Sep 1891Folkestone, Kent, England I4054


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HEYMAN, Annie Constance  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I11638
2 HEYMAN, Clara Ellen Eliza  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I10817
3 HEYMAN, Earnest Robert John  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I10820
4 HEYMAN, Henry  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I7946
5 HEYMAN, Jane Florence Alora  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I10819
6 HEYMAN, Percy Frederick Alfred  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I11717
7 KEELER, Daisy  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I9946
8 KEELER, Eliza. Jane  1881Folkestone, Kent, England I11790
9 KEELER, Eliza. Jane  1881Folkestone, Kent, England I11790
10 KEELER, Ernest Walter  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I14003
11 KEELER, Percy  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I14004
12 KEELER, William Thomas  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I11727
13 KEELER, William Thomas  2 Apr 1911Folkestone, Kent, England I11727
14 WILLIS, Anne Matilda  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I11724
15 WILLIS, Anne Matilda  2 Apr 1911Folkestone, Kent, England I11724

Military & Maritime

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military & Maritime    Person ID 
1 GREENLAND, Jacob Winter  18 May 1845Folkestone, Kent, England I623


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 KEELER, Daisy  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I9946
2 KEELER, Ernest Walter  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I14003
3 KEELER, Percy  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I14004
4 KEELER, William Thomas  31 Mar 1901Folkestone, Kent, England I11727
5 KEELER, William Thomas  2 Apr 1911Folkestone, Kent, England I11727


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAILEY / HOPPER  Dec 1879Folkestone, Kent, England F1929
2 BAILEY / VANE  25 Aug 1902Folkestone, Kent, England F2063
3 BENEFIELD / CURTIS  1907Folkestone, Kent, England F1758
4 BENEFIELD / WRIGHT  1881Folkestone, Kent, England F1757
5 CLARK / PILE  1935Folkestone, Kent, England F923
6 COBB / DENNIS  14 Oct 1825Folkestone, Kent, England F2433
7 GAMBRELL / WILLIS  13 Oct 1840Folkestone, Kent, England F934
8 GILLILAND / ELLIS  12 Sep 1908Folkestone, Kent, England F1568
9 GILLILAND / ROSKILLY  30 Sep 1939Folkestone, Kent, England F1569
10 GOODYEAR / WOOD  1938Folkestone, Kent, England F6796
11 GREENLAND / FEARN  24 Jul 1779Folkestone, Kent, England F422
12 KEARNS / FEDARB  1879Folkestone, Kent, England F1580
13 PURSEY / HEYMAN  10 Apr 1898Folkestone, Kent, England F2212
14 RAYNER / KEARNS  04 Nov 1905Folkestone, Kent, England F1581
15 ROBUS / DRYLAND  09 Oct 1843Folkestone, Kent, England F2032
16 SPEARPOINT / CHEESEMAN  27 Dec 1715Folkestone, Kent, England F829
17 SPEARPOINT / CLERK  20 Sep 1722Folkestone, Kent, England F837
18 SPEARPOINT / GATES  13 Jan 1687Folkestone, Kent, England F830
19 TURNER / JOHNSON  24 Dec 1921Folkestone, Kent, England F927
20 WILLIS / MAXWELL  08 Feb 1952Folkestone, Kent, England F2562
21 WINTER / MARSH  22 Apr 1746Folkestone, Kent, England F819
22 WINTER / MARSH  18 Apr 1814Folkestone, Kent, England F1014
23 WINTER / SPEARPOINT  5 Feb 1781Folkestone, Kent, England F250
24 WINTER / WILLIS  18 Jan 1722Folkestone, Kent, England F831
25 WOOD / SIDBUN  1915Folkestone, Kent, England F6795

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