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Faversham, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER, Ann  Abt 1821Faversham, Kent, England I9493
2 ALEFOUNDER, Charles  Abt 1847Faversham, Kent, England I921
3 ALEFOUNDER, Elizabeth  1842Faversham, Kent, England I922
4 ALEFOUNDER, Elizabeth  1822Faversham, Kent, England I9494
5 ALEFOUNDER, Ethel Jane  1872Faversham, Kent, England I746
6 ALEFOUNDER, John  1837Faversham, Kent, England I487
7 ALEFOUNDER, John  28 Dec 1806Faversham, Kent, England I429
8 ALEFOUNDER, Lilly Rebecca  1871Faversham, Kent, England I745
9 ALEFOUNDER, Mary Ann  1832Faversham, Kent, England I640
10 ALEFOUNDER, Mary Ann  13 May 1840Faversham, Kent, England I9497
11 ALEFOUNDER, Samuel  19 Oct 1834Faversham, Kent, England I747
12 ALEFOUNDER, Sarah  1812Faversham, Kent, England I9490
13 ALEFOUNDER, Susanna Wesley  1845Faversham, Kent, England I923
14 ALEFOUNDER, Susannah  Abt 1814Faversham, Kent, England I9491
15 ALEFOUNDER, Thomas  Abt 1827Faversham, Kent, England I9495
16 ALEFOUNDER, William  1840Faversham, Kent, England I449
17 ALEFOUNDER, William  Abt 1817Faversham, Kent, England I9492
18 BEER, Charles  1870Faversham, Kent, England I9437
19 BEER, Walter G  1869Faversham, Kent, England I9436
20 CARPENTER, Charles  18 Oct 1885Faversham, Kent, England I9124
21 CARPENTER, Frank  20 May 1882Faversham, Kent, England I9122
22 CARPENTER, Jane  11 Mar 1884Faversham, Kent, England I9123
23 CARPENTER, William  04 Jun 1880Faversham, Kent, England I9121
24 CLARK, Albert Edward  1908 SepQFaversham, Kent, England I8266
25 COADE, William  1869Faversham, Kent, England I9569
26 COE, Walter  23 Jun 1851Faversham, Kent, England I10986
27 COVENEY, Alfred  Abt 1806Faversham, Kent, England I4298
28 COVENEY, Alfred James  1829Faversham, Kent, England I4302
29 COVENEY, Elizabeth Susan  1833Faversham, Kent, England I4305
30 COVENEY, Rosa Elizabeth  1831Faversham, Kent, England I4303
31 COVENEY, William John  1827Faversham, Kent, England I4300
32 EMERY, Albert William  Dec 1865Faversham, Kent, England I3644
33 EMERY, John  Abt 1862Faversham, Kent, England I3643
34 EMERY, Rosetta Amelia  24 Jun 1859Faversham, Kent, England I3642
35 GOLDER, Ada Beatrice  1881, MarQFaversham, Kent, England I8501
36 GOLDER, Henrietta  1878, SepQFaversham, Kent, England I8500
37 GOLDER, Horace Alfred  1883, MarQFaversham, Kent, England I8502
38 HILLS, Maria  16 Dec 1837Faversham, Kent, England I2607
39 HILLS, Sarah  1841Faversham, Kent, England I2608
40 HILLS, William  1806Faversham, Kent, England I2606
41 JOHNCOCK, William  1821Faversham, Kent, England I626
42 JOHNCOX, Lewis Obray  28 Sep 1851Faversham, Kent, England I1834
43 KINGSNORTH, Alfred  6 May 1837Faversham, Kent, England I128
44 KINGSNORTH, Alfred Wise  1862Faversham, Kent, England I333
45 KINGSNORTH, Algernon Frank Wesley (Private)  15 Feb 1881Faversham, Kent, England I269
46 KINGSNORTH, Cecil George W  1878Faversham, Kent, England I280
47 KINGSNORTH, Charles William  1859Faversham, Kent, England I1269
48 KINGSNORTH, Edmund Richard  1843Faversham, Kent, England I1268
49 KINGSNORTH, Elizabeth  1835Faversham, Kent, England I684
50 KINGSNORTH, Elizabeth Jane  12 Nov 1869Faversham, Kent, England I49

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER, Elizabeth  24 Jul 1822Faversham, Kent, England I9494
2 ALEFOUNDER, Mary Ann  09 Aug 1840Faversham, Kent, England I9497
3 ALEFOUNDER, Mary Anne  19 Nov 1809Faversham, Kent, England I720
4 ALEFOUNDER, Sarah  27 Mar 1812Faversham, Kent, England I9490
5 COVENEY, Alfred James  18 Apr 1829Faversham, Kent, England I4302
6 COVENEY, Elizabeth Susan  27 Mar 1833Faversham, Kent, England I4305
7 COVENEY, Rosa Elizabeth  13 Jul 1831Faversham, Kent, England I4303
8 COVENEY, William John  19 Sep 1827Faversham, Kent, England I4300
9 EMERY, Rosetta Amelia  22 Feb 1860Faversham, Kent, England I3642
10 MANN, Ann  19 Nov 1786Faversham, Kent, England I4250
11 MANN, Charles  29 Jun 1811Faversham, Kent, England I4253
12 MANN, John  02 May 1762Faversham, Kent, England I2604
13 MANN, John  26 Apr 1789Faversham, Kent, England I4251
14 MANN, John  13 Jul 1816Faversham, Kent, England I4255
15 MANN, Joshua  25 Jul 1819Faversham, Kent, England I4257
16 MANN, Louisa  30 Jul 1813Faversham, Kent, England I4254
17 MANN, Mary Ann  17 Feb 1828Faversham, Kent, England I2601
18 SHEEPWASH, Mary  08 Apr 1792Faversham, Kent, England I4252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACKHURST, Henrietta  1890Faversham, Kent, England I316
2 ALEFOUNDER, Charles  1872Faversham, Kent, England I921
3 ALEFOUNDER, Elizabeth  1900Faversham, Kent, England I9494
4 ALEFOUNDER, John  1890Faversham, Kent, England I487
5 ALEFOUNDER, John  18 Oct 1868Faversham, Kent, England I429
6 ALEFOUNDER, Mary Ann  1873Faversham, Kent, England I640
7 ALEFOUNDER, William  1902Faversham, Kent, England I449
8 ALEFOUNDER, William  1889Faversham, Kent, England I9492
9 ARNOLD, Alice  1937Faversham, Kent, England I1822
10 CARPENTER, Jane  12 Mar 1885Faversham, Kent, England I9123
11 COVENEY, William John  1877Faversham, Kent, England I4300
12 DUNN, Ada  3 Feb 1965Faversham, Kent, England I491
13 EMERY, Daniel  Sep 1900Faversham, Kent, England I3651
14 GRIGGS, Edward  22 Nov 1909Faversham, Kent, England I7990
15 HILLS, William  1879Faversham, Kent, England I2606
16 HOBDAY, Mary  1814Faversham, Kent, England I818
17 HOPE, Charlotte  1889Faversham, Kent, England I9498
18 KINGSNORTH, Charles Henry  1870Faversham, Kent, England I625
19 KINGSNORTH, Elizabeth  1848Faversham, Kent, England I684
20 KINGSNORTH, Herbert George  1860Faversham, Kent, England I8572
21 KINGSNORTH, Jane Frances  1872Faversham, Kent, England I8757
22 KINGSNORTH, Sarah  1832Faversham, Kent, England I1267
23 KINGSNORTH, Sarah Elizabeth  1868Faversham, Kent, England I8756
24 KINGSNORTH, Thomas  1856Faversham, Kent, England I132
25 LEWIS, Jane  1869, DecQFaversham, Kent, England I9110
26 MANN, Ann  30 Apr 1804Faversham, Kent, England I4250
27 MANN, George  26 Mar 1900Faversham, Kent, England I2603
28 MANN, John  1807Faversham, Kent, England I2604
29 MANN, John  20 Apr 1834Faversham, Kent, England I4251
30 MANN, Robert  11 Sep 1834Faversham, Kent, England I1888
31 MASKELL, Emily  1871Faversham, Kent, England I8629
32 PATCHING, Marjorie Doris  1999Faversham, Kent, England I1384
33 PAYN, Sarah Ann  1883Faversham, Kent, England I276
34 PETTS, Jane Merritt  1901Faversham, Kent, England I8569
35 PHILPOTT, Olive Sarah  1926Faversham, Kent, England I3441
36 RICHARDS, Sarah  22 Sep 1868Faversham, Kent, England I375
37 ROUSE, Elizabeth Jane  1852Faversham, Kent, England I816
38 ROUSE, Thomas  15 Jul 1831Faversham, Kent, England I817
39 SACREE, Stephen Hubert  1910, DecQFaversham, Kent, England I81
40 SMITH, John  1909Faversham, Kent, England I9516
41 TAYLOR, Lily Winifred  1907, SepQFaversham, Kent, England I8562
42 WILMOT, Vashti  27 Sep 1893Faversham, Kent, England I598


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER, Elizabeth  22 May 1900Faversham, Kent, England I9494
2 KINGSNORTH, George Filmer  1910Faversham, Kent, England I210
3 MANN, John  06 Feb 1807Faversham, Kent, England I2604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 KINGSNORTH, William Thomas  2 Apr 1871Faversham, Kent, England I383


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER / COLLINGS  25 Dec 1805Faversham, Kent, England F265
2 ALEFOUNDER / HOPE  12 Jun 1861Faversham, Kent, England F2575
3 ALEFOUNDER / ROUSE  22 May 1831Faversham, Kent, England F266
4 ARNOLD / LOTT  1852Faversham, Kent, England F335
5 CARPENTER / SACREE  1873, DecQFaversham, Kent, England F2484
6 COVENEY / FRENCH  09 Jun 1827Faversham, Kent, England F1074
7 DURRANT / MURTON  31 Dec 1910Faversham, Kent, England F590
8 EMERY / HOGBEN  Abt Mar 1848Faversham, Kent, England F896
9 EMERY / TAPPENDEN  19 Jun 1846Faversham, Kent, England F893
10 HARE / CLEAVER  1889Faversham, Kent, England F583
11 HARE / MUTTON  1889Faversham, Kent, England F584
12 HARVEY / SACREE  1905, MarQFaversham, Kent, England F2269
13 HILLS / ROUSE  28 Jun 1835Faversham, Kent, England F413
14 HOPPER / BETTS  28 Nov 1779Faversham, Kent, England F403
15 KINGSNORTH / ALEFOUNDER  1860Faversham, Kent, England F32
16 KINGSNORTH / FOREMAN  Dec 1858Faversham, Kent, England F374
17 KINGSNORTH / PETTS  1847Faversham, Kent, England F2332
18 KINGSNORTH / SKINNER  1858Faversham, Kent, England F2380
19 KINGSNORTH / SMITH  1867Faversham, Kent, England F2381
20 MANN / RAY  13 Nov 1783Faversham, Kent, England F577
21 MANN / ROUSE  29 Oct 1820Faversham, Kent, England F412
22 MANN / SHEEPWASH  26 Jun 1810Faversham, Kent, England F1061
23 MANN / YOUNG  19 Oct 1761Faversham, Kent, England F1060
24 MERCER / COVENEY  1851Faversham, Kent, England F1076
25 STANILAND / WILSON  1921Faversham, Kent, England F313
26 VIDION / BEAKE  1843Faversham, Kent, England F153
27 WILSON / KINGSNORTH  1897Faversham, Kent, England F34
28 WILSON / PATCHING  1925Faversham, Kent, England F314

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