Eastry, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Lewis John  Abt 1870Eastry, Kent, England I2480
2 ALLEN, Sarah Caroline  1866Eastry, Kent, England I2482
3 ALLEN, William H.  14 Jan 1838Eastry, Kent, England I2467
4 BAILEY, Matilda  1846Eastry, Kent, England I3072
5 BUDDLE, Frances  1869Eastry, Kent, England I10773
6 BUSHELL, Hilda  1891Eastry, Kent, England I10409
7 BUSHELL, Lucy Ada  1894Eastry, Kent, England I10410
8 COLLARD, George Albert Henry  1911Eastry, Kent, England I2758
9 DENNIS, Emily  1897Eastry, Kent, England I2590
10 DENNIS, Emily  1887Eastry, Kent, England I8944
11 DENNIS, George  1885Eastry, Kent, England I2587
12 DENNIS, William  1869Eastry, Kent, England I2584
13 FAGG, Mary S  1833Eastry, Kent, England I1416
14 FISHER, Bennet  1883Eastry, Kent, England I3044
15 GORMAN, Constance M  10 Aug 1925Eastry, Kent, England I7854
16 GORMAN, John Edward  15 Feb 1909Eastry, Kent, England I7849
17 HAMMOND, Emily Winifred  1906Eastry, Kent, England I11345
18 HARVEY, David George  1920Eastry, Kent, England I10970
19 HOGBIN, Fred  1899Eastry, Kent, England I3000
20 HOPPER, Annie  07 Jan 1877Eastry, Kent, England I7033
21 HOPPER, Charles  1866Eastry, Kent, England I7028
22 HOPPER, Elizabeth  Mar 1861Eastry, Kent, England I7025
23 HOPPER, Florence Ethel  Dec 1899Eastry, Kent, England I1029
24 HOPPER, Frank  03 Apr 1864Eastry, Kent, England I7027
25 HOPPER, George Frederick  Dec 1895Eastry, Kent, England I1028
26 HOPPER, Ivy May  1921Eastry, Kent, England I11479
27 HOPPER, Julia  07 Sep 1862Eastry, Kent, England I7026
28 HOPPER, Lottie Rebecca  Abt 1878Eastry, Kent, England I11408
29 HOPPER, Martha  06 Oct 1867Eastry, Kent, England I7030
30 HOPPER, Mary  03 Aug 1873Eastry, Kent, England I7032
31 HOPPER, Walter  07 Jan 1872Eastry, Kent, England I7031
32 HOPPER, William  06 Mar 1866Eastry, Kent, England I7029
33 MARSH, Emma Catherine  1837Eastry, Kent, England I11407
34 MOAT, Thomas  1812Eastry, Kent, England I8370
35 MOUNT, Emily  1846Eastry, Kent, England I10193
36 MOUNT, Susanna  1849Eastry, Kent, England I10194
37 SMITH, Elizabeth  Abt 1689Eastry, Kent, England I8994
38 UNDERDOWN, George Frederick  1915Eastry, Kent, England I11642
39 WELLARD, Susanna  1839Eastry, Kent, England I10663


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MOAT, Thomas  24 Jan 1813Eastry, Kent, England I8370
2 MOUNT, Emily  3 May 1846Eastry, Kent, England I10193
3 UNDERDOWN, George Frederick  6 May 1916Eastry, Kent, England I11642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  1843Eastry, Kent, England I10141
2 Sarah  1887Eastry, Kent, England I7024
3 ALLEN, William  1854Eastry, Kent, England I2473
4 ALLEN, William H.  1914Eastry, Kent, England I2467
5 AMOS, Henry George  Abt 1902Eastry, Kent, England I321
6 ARNOLD, Jarvist Frederick  1912Eastry, Kent, England I3104
7 ATKINS, Ellen Ruth  1874, DecQEastry, Kent, England I9219
8 ATKINS, William  1902, SepQEastry, Kent, England I9215
9 BLACKMAN, John  1857Eastry, Kent, England I10135
10 BLACKMAN, John  1878Eastry, Kent, England I10139
11 BLACKMAN, Maria  17 Jun 1892Eastry, Kent, England I10138
12 BROWN, Elizabeth  1862Eastry, Kent, England I10136
13 FINNES, Judith  Dec 1892Eastry, Kent, England I8904
14 GROOMBRIDGE, Thomas  Q3 1891Eastry, Kent, England I3489
15 HARVEY, Charles A  1919Eastry, Kent, England I10971
16 HARVEY, William Henry  29 Aug 1972Eastry, Kent, England I10967
17 HEMMINGS, Selina Martha  1887Eastry, Kent, England I2468
18 HOPPER, Annie  1891Eastry, Kent, England I7033
19 HOPPER, Charles  1920Eastry, Kent, England I10654
20 HOPPER, Frank  1930Eastry, Kent, England I7027
21 HOPPER, Henry  1911Eastry, Kent, England I6976
22 HOPPER, Henry Walter  1882Eastry, Kent, England I2143
23 HOPPER, Richard  1886Eastry, Kent, England I2139
24 HOPPER, Sarah  1887Eastry, Kent, England I988
25 HOPPER, William  1866Eastry, Kent, England I7029
26 MANN, Cromwell Griffies  11 Jun 1989Eastry, Kent, England I4275
27 NORRIS, Hannah  Q1 1884Eastry, Kent, England I3490
28 UPTON, Ellen Jarvis  1860Eastry, Kent, England I7795
29 WILLIS, William Woodruff  Jun 1869Eastry, Kent, England I6785
30 WILSON, Kate Edith  1 Oct 1960Eastry, Kent, England I10966


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / HOOPER  1861Eastry, Kent, England F1099
2 ATKINS / HOPPER  1856, SepQEastry, Kent, England F2504
3 COLLARD / PRICKETT  1889Eastry, Kent, England F295
4 CURLING / HOPPER  1939Eastry, Kent, England F2963
5 DENNIS / FAGG  Oct 1868Eastry, Kent, England F462
6 DENNIS / LAURENCE  Dec 1894Eastry, Kent, England F689
7 FAGG / DEWELL  1884Eastry, Kent, England F2671
8 FISHER / VERSTAGE  1851Eastry, Kent, England F2720
9 FREEMAN / BREWER  1915, MarQEastry, Kent, England F2593
10 GOLDING / HOPPER  Sep 1893Eastry, Kent, England F2043
11 GROOMBRIDGE / NORRIS  Q3 1839Eastry, Kent, England F858
12 GROOMBRIDGE / WALLOND  Q4 1875Eastry, Kent, England F409
13 HAMBROOK / HOPPER  1899Eastry, Kent, England F2945
14 HOPPER / MARSH  1876Eastry, Kent, England F2944
15 HOPPER / MOUNT  Dec 1890Eastry, Kent, England F2044
16 MATTHEWS / HOPPER  26 Nov 1900Eastry, Kent, England F2046
17 MOAT / FAGG  20 Sep 1808Eastry, Kent, England F2293
18 PARAMOR / ROSE  14 Dec 1789Eastry, Kent, England F2492
19 TAYLOR / BAILEY  1890Eastry, Kent, England F2673
20 WILLIS / BELSEY  Jun 1850Eastry, Kent, England F1855
21 WILLIS / DINES  1926Eastry, Kent, England F3206
22 WILLIS / HAMMOND  1909Eastry, Kent, England F3205