Deal, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  1791Deal, Kent, England I5929
2 ALLEN, George Thomas  Abt 1868Deal, Kent, England I2477
3 ALLEN, Ida Jane  1864Deal, Kent, England I960
4 ALLEN, Jane E  1878Deal, Kent, England I4396
5 ALLEN, Martha  1874Deal, Kent, England I4395
6 ALLEN, William H  1871Deal, Kent, England I4394
7 ARNOLD, Anne  Abt 1850Deal, Kent, England I8422
8 ARNOLD, Emma Jane  1854Deal, Kent, England I8409
9 ARNOLD, George Rogers  1885Deal, Kent, England I11160
10 ARNOLD, Hilda Grace  1881Deal, Kent, England I11159
11 ARNOLD, Jane  1876, DecQDeal, Kent, England I8410
12 ARNOLD, John William  1830Deal, Kent, England I8224
13 ARNOLD, Reginald Jarvist  1887Deal, Kent, England I11161
14 ARNOLD, Robert George  29 Oct 1859Deal, Kent, England I8228
15 ARNOLD, Sarah  Abt 1852Deal, Kent, England I8423
16 BROWN, May Louisa  26 Oct 1908Deal, Kent, England I9077
17 CAVELL, Elizabeth Mary  1835Deal, Kent, England I6802
18 DUTNALL, Elizabeth  1832Deal, Kent, England I6287
19 ELGAR, Isabella  Abt 1848Deal, Kent, England I4594
20 ELGAR, John  Abt 1849Deal, Kent, England I4595
21 ELGAR, Stephen  Abt 1850Deal, Kent, England I4596
22 EMERY, Emma Elizabeth  Abt 1850Deal, Kent, England I3639
23 EMERY, George  Abt 1848Deal, Kent, England I3638
24 EMERY, Mary Ann Alice  Abt 1851Deal, Kent, England I3640
25 FAGG, William Thomas  1873Deal, Kent, England I9857
26 FOX, Francis John  26 Mar 1847Deal, Kent, England I3714
27 GOODCHILD, Alexander  1805Deal, Kent, England I4389
28 GOODCHILD, Ann G  1808Deal, Kent, England I2474
29 GOODCHILD, Elizabeth  1807Deal, Kent, England I4385
30 GOODCHILD, Henry  1801Deal, Kent, England I4386
31 GOODCHILD, Mary Elizabeth  1805Deal, Kent, England I4388
32 GOODCHILD, Ralph  1771Deal, Kent, England I2487
33 MACEY, Ellen Beatrice  1895Deal, Kent, England I8268
34 MANTLE, Lucy  Abt 1900Deal, Kent, England I8730
35 MASON, Neil Robert Arthur  1918Deal, Kent, England I4422
36 MOAT, Charles  1858Deal, Kent, England I8376
37 MOAT, Edwin  1860Deal, Kent, England I8377
38 MOAT, Emily  1856Deal, Kent, England I8375
39 MOAT, Emily Martha  1873Deal, Kent, England I8361
40 MOAT, Ethelbert  1853Deal, Kent, England I8374
41 MOAT, Martha  1842Deal, Kent, England I8372
42 MOAT, Thomas  1840Deal, Kent, England I8373
43 MOAT, William  1850Deal, Kent, England I8365
44 MOLL, Edward  1859Deal, Kent, England I7855
45 MOUNT, Ann  1838Deal, Kent, England I10188
46 MOUNT, Martha  1837Deal, Kent, England I10189
47 PAIN, Martha  1819Deal, Kent, England I8371
48 PHILPOTT, James Robert  1854Deal, Kent, England I3433
49 PHILPOTT, John F  Abt 1856Deal, Kent, England I3440
50 PILE, Harriet Emma  9 Nov 1892Deal, Kent, England I3323

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MACEY, Ellen Beatrice  29 Sep 1895Deal, Kent, England I8268
2 UPTON, Mary Ann  29 Jan 1845Deal, Kent, England I7794
3 WILLIS, Ann Elizabeth  3 Jun 1827Deal, Kent, England I6792
4 WILLIS, Henry Hopper  27 Jan 1859Deal, Kent, England I6783
5 WILLIS, James  18 Feb 1810Deal, Kent, England I10378
6 WILLIS, John S  05 Feb 1797Deal, Kent, England I8426
7 WILLIS, Susanna Knott  1 Jul 1832Deal, Kent, England I6794
8 WILLIS, Thomas J  06 Mar 1803Deal, Kent, England I8427
9 WILLIS, William Woodruff  02 Mar 1806Deal, Kent, England I6790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEDINGFIELD, Richard  1665Deal, Kent, England I6128
2 DENNIS, Florence Sophie  1983Deal, Kent, England I9612
3 GILLMAN, Edith L  16 May 1996Deal, Kent, England I5707
4 TURNER, Benjamin  01 Feb 1858Deal, Kent, England I8315
5 TURNER, Thomas  2 Feb 1860Deal, Kent, England I940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WILLIS, William Woodruff  30 Jun 1841Deal, Kent, England I6790


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / HEMMINGS  14 Apr 1857Deal, Kent, England F383
2 FAGG / AMOS  1872Deal, Kent, England F2667
3 HEATHFIELD / BEDINGFIELD  20 May 1662Deal, Kent, England F1747
4 NICHOLAS / HOPPER  13 Oct 1866Deal, Kent, England F634
5 TURNER / ALLEN  6 Jan 1884Deal, Kent, England F381
6 WILLIS / HOPPER  18 Apr 1826Deal, Kent, England F1856
7 WILLIS / KNIGHT  17 Mar 1794Deal, Kent, England F1857