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Chatham, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1804Chatham, Kent, England I1852
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1787Chatham, Kent, England I4583
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1795Chatham, Kent, England I4611
4 Elizabeth  1801Chatham, Kent, England I5554
5 APPS, Adelaide  1879Chatham, Kent, England I7168
6 APPS, Alba Henry  1887Chatham, Kent, England I7172
7 APPS, Arthur  1881Chatham, Kent, England I7169
8 APPS, Brice Edward  1888Chatham, Kent, England I7170
9 APPS, Ellen Rebecca  1889Chatham, Kent, England I7173
10 APPS, Elsie Rose  1890Chatham, Kent, England I7174
11 APPS, Elvina Ellen Elizabeth  1876Chatham, Kent, England I7166
12 APPS, Ernest James  1885Chatham, Kent, England I7171
13 APPS, Espeth  1895Chatham, Kent, England I7175
14 APPS, Fred  1899Chatham, Kent, England I7176
15 APPS, George  1877Chatham, Kent, England I7167
16 ARMSTRONG, Charles  Abt 1840Chatham, Kent, England I1869
17 ARMSTRONG, Henry J  Abt 1860Chatham, Kent, England I1874
18 ARMSTRONG, James D  Abt 1832Chatham, Kent, England I1871
19 ARMSTRONG, John G  Abt 1831Chatham, Kent, England I1872
20 ARMSTRONG, Lucy Dickson  Abt 1845Chatham, Kent, England I894
21 ARMSTRONG, Margaret  Abt 1837Chatham, Kent, England I1866
22 ARMSTRONG, Robert  Abt 1845Chatham, Kent, England I1868
23 ARMSTRONG, Thomas  Abt 1849Chatham, Kent, England I1867
24 ARMSTRONG, William  Abt 1836Chatham, Kent, England I1870
25 BAKER, Charlotte Caroline  Mar 1873Chatham, Kent, England I5573
26 BAKER, Eliza  1878Chatham, Kent, England I5575
27 BAKER, Sarah  Mar 1880Chatham, Kent, England I5576
28 BAKER, William  1900Chatham, Kent, England I5580
29 BENNETT, Frances  1879Chatham, Kent, England I2091
30 BOYS, Isobel Hilda  21 Sep 1912Chatham, Kent, England I823
31 BRISTER, Alfred George  07 May 1861Chatham, Kent, England I3567
32 BRISTER, Catherine  15 Jan 1859Chatham, Kent, England I3565
33 BRISTER, Clara Emma  Mar 1857Chatham, Kent, England I3563
34 BRISTER, Fanny Daisy Blanche  26 Dec 1883Chatham, Kent, England I2307
35 BRISTER, Frances Matilda  6 Sep 1847Chatham, Kent, England I2288
36 BRISTER, George  Abt 1807Chatham, Kent, England I2285
37 BRISTER, George Arthur Summers  23 Apr 1850Chatham, Kent, England I2289
38 BRISTER, Henry Albert  23 Sep 1852Chatham, Kent, England I2290
39 BRISTER, Hubert Arthur  27 Jul 1882Chatham, Kent, England I2305
40 BRISTER, Hubert George William Edward  16 Oct 1904Chatham, Kent, England I2313
41 BRISTER, Stanley George Blanche  16 Aug 1880Chatham, Kent, England I2303
42 CALLOWAY, Anne  Abt 1866Chatham, Kent, England I297
43 CALLOWAY, Eliza  17 Nov 1848Chatham, Kent, England I77
44 CALLOWAY, George  Abt 1879Chatham, Kent, England I2358
45 CALLOWAY, Harriet  Abt 1841Chatham, Kent, England I367
46 CALLOWAY, Harriett  Abt 1841Chatham, Kent, England I2357
47 CALLOWAY, William  Abt 1859Chatham, Kent, England I432
48 CIMIT, Ellen  Abt 1855Chatham, Kent, England I800
49 CIMIT, Ethel  9 Aug 1886Chatham, Kent, England I146
50 CIMIT, Henry  Abt 1845Chatham, Kent, England I2013

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Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BATE, Mary Ann  10 Nov 1822Chatham, Kent, England I4610
2 CLIFT, Priscilla  09 Oct 1814Chatham, Kent, England I5947
3 FOWLER, Elizabeth  22 Dec 1751Chatham, Kent, England I1854
4 GURNSEY, John James  23 Jan 1812Chatham, Kent, England I10315
5 IRONS, Elizabeth  9 Mar 1785Chatham, Kent, England I1698
6 JORDAN, Sarah  17 May 1795Chatham, Kent, England I2395
7 POOLE, Constance Catherine  6 Oct 1907Chatham, Kent, England I677
8 RICKERSIES, Alfred George  20 Jun 1841Chatham, Kent, England I10506
9 RICKERSIES, Ann Sophia  10 May 1807Chatham, Kent, England I2079
10 RICKERSIES, Charles  23 Oct 1803Chatham, Kent, England I2278
11 RICKERSIES, Charles  14 May 1809Chatham, Kent, England I2280
12 RICKERSIES, Eliza  10 Oct 1824Chatham, Kent, England I1695
13 RICKERSIES, Elizabeth Ann  21 May 1843Chatham, Kent, England I10507
14 RICKERSIES, James  19 Feb 1805Chatham, Kent, England I2279
15 RICKERSIES, James Henry  26 Sep 1802Chatham, Kent, England I2277
16 RICKERSIES, Jane  14 May 1809Chatham, Kent, England I2078
17 ROBINSON, Henry Leonard  4 Oct 1912Chatham, Kent, England I11195
18 ROBINSON, John Mark  16 Sep 1904Chatham, Kent, England I11194
19 SALTER, John William  1832Chatham, Kent, England I10321
20 SUMMERS, Charlotte  9 Sep 1810Chatham, Kent, England I11427
21 WILLIS, Edward  17 May 1807Chatham, Kent, England I10562
22 WILLIS, Elizabeth Sarah  19 Feb 1804Chatham, Kent, England I10564
23 WILLIS, Henry  20 Oct 1805Chatham, Kent, England I10563
24 WILLIS, Jane  27 Oct 1811Chatham, Kent, England I10565
25 WILLIS, Sarah  17 May 1816Chatham, Kent, England I10566


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Polly Bessie Maria  4 Oct 1960Chatham, Kent, England I2306
2 BRISTER, Fanny Daisy Blanche  6 Nov 1886Chatham, Kent, England I2307
3 BRISTER, Frances Matilda  Mar 1868Chatham, Kent, England I2288
4 BRISTER, George  20 Nov 1887Chatham, Kent, England I2285
5 BRISTER, George Arthur Summers  18 Sep 1883Chatham, Kent, England I2289
6 BRISTER, Henry Albert  Mar 1901Chatham, Kent, England I2290
7 BRISTER, Stanley Kitchener  Sep 1918Chatham, Kent, England I2320
8 CHAPMAN, Frederick William Thomas  2004Chatham, Kent, England I11482
9 FRID, Elsie Victoria M  1997Chatham, Kent, England I10589
10 FRID, Harry George  1965Chatham, Kent, England I1932
11 GILLILAND, Ada Sedgwick  1967Chatham, Kent, England I2705
12 HAMBROOK, Kathleen Mary  1993Chatham, Kent, England I11411
13 HOPPER, Simon  1987Chatham, Kent, England I7610
14 JENNER, William  31 Mar 1949Chatham, Kent, England I9061
15 LUFF, Reginald  1959Chatham, Kent, England I11202
16 SACREE, Esther  1942, MarQChatham, Kent, England I9112
17 SANDERS, Frederick William Thomas  1996Chatham, Kent, England I11054
18 WENMAN, Elizabeth  1794Chatham, Kent, England I2393
19 WENMAN, Ivy  30 Oct 1918Chatham, Kent, England I4686
20 WENMAN, Roy Samuel Francis  03 Jun 1936Chatham, Kent, England I4688
21 WENMAN, Samuel  01 Feb 1959Chatham, Kent, England I4624
22 WENMAN, Sarah Elizabeth  16 Dec 1856Chatham, Kent, England I2400
23 WENMAN, William  Abt Sep 1810Chatham, Kent, England I2359
24 WILLIS, Edward  1854Chatham, Kent, England I4582


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WENMAN, William  02 Oct 1810Chatham, Kent, England I2359
2 WILLIS, Edward  12 Mar 1854Chatham, Kent, England I4582

Military Record

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Record    Person ID 
1 GURNSEY, George Archibald  4 Nov 1901Chatham, Kent, England I268


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 GURNSEY, Richard Charles  17 Dec 1879Chatham, Kent, England I662


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRISTER / KEEL  24 Dec 1942Chatham, Kent, England F648
2 CLIFT /   Abt 1812Chatham, Kent, England F1625
3 GUTTERIDGE / MORGAN  21 Dec 1935Chatham, Kent, England F2797
4 HUGGINS / BAAKES  28 Mar 1796Chatham, Kent, England F240
5 IRONS / FOWLER  2 Dec 1777Chatham, Kent, England F554
6 JENNER / GILLETT  06 Oct 1801Chatham, Kent, England F2485
7 JENNER / WENMAN  19 Apr 1930Chatham, Kent, England F1212
8 KEMP / CLIFT  29 Dec 1835Chatham, Kent, England F1623
9 PILE / FRID  1942Chatham, Kent, England F512
10 RUSS / WENMAN  09 Aug 1924Chatham, Kent, England F1235
11 WENMAN / BROWN  04 Dec 1884Chatham, Kent, England F1195
12 WILLIS /   Abt 1805Chatham, Kent, England F1177

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