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Canterbury, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1833Canterbury, Kent, England I11441
2 ALEFOUNDER, Eleanor  1845Canterbury, Kent, England I9496
3 ARMSTRONG, Alice  Abt 1858Canterbury, Kent, England I1875
4 ARMSTRONG, Sarah  Abt 1838Canterbury, Kent, England I1873
5 ASHMAN, Edmund  1676Canterbury, Kent, England I8094
6 ASHMAN, Elizabeth  1713Canterbury, Kent, England I8098
7 ASHMAN, Jane  1712Canterbury, Kent, England I8097
8 ASHMAN, Mary  1711Canterbury, Kent, England I8096
9 ASHMAN, Sarah  1716Canterbury, Kent, England I8099
10 BAILEY, Emily  1891Canterbury, Kent, England I4015
11 BEAKE, Ellen  Abt 1831Canterbury, Kent, England I1977
12 BEDINGFIELD, Margaret  1664Canterbury, Kent, England I6361
13 BENINGFIELD, William  1662Canterbury, Kent, England I6360
14 BROWN, Mary Edith  1865Canterbury, Kent, England I5841
15 BROWNE, Byron Ian A  31 Jul 1985Canterbury, Kent, England I9010
16 BROWNING, Violet  1865Canterbury, Kent, England I4135
17 COLSONSACKE, Leonard  Abt 1532Canterbury, Kent, England I9203
18 COLSONSACKE, Robert  Abt 1500Canterbury, Kent, England I9200
19 COOMBS, Esther Harriet  1843Canterbury, Kent, England I9960
20 CULLEN, Ann  1745Canterbury, Kent, England I1070
21 CULLEN, Elizabeth  1758Canterbury, Kent, England I1074
22 CULLEN, Esther  1755Canterbury, Kent, England I1073
23 CULLEN, Hester  1755Canterbury, Kent, England I1069
24 CULLEN, Jane  04 May 1764Canterbury, Kent, England I1718
25 CULLEN, Mary  1739Canterbury, Kent, England I1072
26 CULLEN, William  1753Canterbury, Kent, England I1071
27 DUNN, Ada  15 Jul 1887Canterbury, Kent, England I491
28 DUNN, Elsie  Jun 1897Canterbury, Kent, England I1335
29 DUNN, Ernest  1889Canterbury, Kent, England I1330
30 DUNN, Frederick  28 Feb 1863Canterbury, Kent, England I852
31 DUNN, Maisie  1891Canterbury, Kent, England I1331
32 DUNN, May  Sep 1891Canterbury, Kent, England I1332
33 DUNN, Robert  1857Canterbury, Kent, England I858
34 DUNN, Samuel  1860Canterbury, Kent, England I859
35 DUNN, Stuart Wycliff  7 Oct 1925Canterbury, Kent, England I1908
36 DUNN, Victor  26 Feb 1901Canterbury, Kent, England I1336
37 DUNN, Violet  Abt 1899Canterbury, Kent, England I1904
38 DUNN, Walter  23 Feb 1893Canterbury, Kent, England I1333
39 DUNN, Willie  Jun 1895Canterbury, Kent, England I1334
40 ELGAR, Edward  Abt 1846Canterbury, Kent, England I4593
41 ELGAR, George  26 Oct 1845Canterbury, Kent, England I4591
42 ELGAR, Mary  24 Nov 1839Canterbury, Kent, England I4589
43 ELGAR, Robert  1813Canterbury, Kent, England I4585
44 ELGAR, Robert  Abt 1843Canterbury, Kent, England I4592
45 ELGAR, William Wenman  12 Jul 1841Canterbury, Kent, England I4590
46 EPPS, Anne  Abt 1618Canterbury, Kent, England I9977
47 FEDARB, Albert  1842Canterbury, Kent, England I4900
48 FEDARB, Mary  16 Nov 1803Canterbury, Kent, England I4794
49 FEDARB, William  1831Canterbury, Kent, England I4797
50 FINN, Eunice Mary  8 May 1900Canterbury, Kent, England I1907

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER, Eleanor  09 Feb 1845Canterbury, Kent, England I9496
2 ELGAR, Robert  11 Jul 1813Canterbury, Kent, England I4585
3 FEDARB, Mary  02 Jun 1805Canterbury, Kent, England I4794
4 WILLIS, Alfred  2 May 1897Canterbury, Kent, England I11115
5 WILLIS, Daisy Marion  5 Feb 1899Canterbury, Kent, England I11116
6 WILLIS, Fanny Louise  21 Oct 1900Canterbury, Kent, England I4180


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEFOUNDER, Ann  1901Canterbury, Kent, England I9493
2 BALDOCK, Anne Alice  06 Jul 1957Canterbury, Kent, England I6021
3 BEDINGFIELD, Margaret  1665Canterbury, Kent, England I6361
4 BENEFIELD, John  1818Canterbury, Kent, England I6082
5 BROWNE, Byron Ian A  1985, DecQCanterbury, Kent, England I9010
6 CLARK, Mary Anne  22 Aug 1845Canterbury, Kent, England I1411
7 COLLARD, Ernest Stephen  4 May 1984Canterbury, Kent, England I901
8 COLLARD, Stephen  9 Dec 1955Canterbury, Kent, England I814
9 DUNN, Elsie  1971Canterbury, Kent, England I1335
10 DUNN, Ernest  1891Canterbury, Kent, England I1330
11 DUNN, Frederick  1939Canterbury, Kent, England I852
12 DUNN, Maisie  1971Canterbury, Kent, England I1331
13 DUNN, May  1968Canterbury, Kent, England I1332
14 DUNN, Robert  1907Canterbury, Kent, England I854
15 DUNN, Victor  21 Aug 1972Canterbury, Kent, England I1336
16 FAGG, Ellen May  27 Dec 1986Canterbury, Kent, England I8957
17 GLANFIELD, Ronald P  1999Canterbury, Kent, England I4893
18 GREEN, Ronald Arthur  15 Jan 1976Canterbury, Kent, England I24
19 HARVEY, John  May 1803Canterbury, Kent, England I2083
20 HARVEY, John  1817Canterbury, Kent, England I2085
21 HOLBROOK, Priscilla  Sep 1959Canterbury, Kent, England I4006
22 HOPPER, Cecil William  03 Nov 1960Canterbury, Kent, England I6050
23 HOPPER, Jane  1882Canterbury, Kent, England I1455
24 HOPPER, Leslie Thomas  15 Oct 1998Canterbury, Kent, England I6017
25 HOPPER, William Henry Thomas  18 Dec 1932Canterbury, Kent, England I6020
26 KINGSNORTH, Dorothy  2000Canterbury, Kent, England I4890
27 MATHEWS, Herbert Beale  Sep 5 1993Canterbury, Kent, England I4017
28 MELLES, Letitia  1881Canterbury, Kent, England I4525
29 MOUNT, Francis John  1955Canterbury, Kent, England I6912
30 PERRY, Kenneth  2006Canterbury, Kent, England I6914
31 PILE, Ernest James  May 2000Canterbury, Kent, England I1585
32 PILE, Fredrick George  1950Canterbury, Kent, England I4010
33 PILE, John  Feb 19 1940Canterbury, Kent, England I4004
34 POWELL, Ada Winifred  15 Jan 1998Canterbury, Kent, England I6018
35 WILKINS, Mary Florence  14 Sep 2008Canterbury, Kent, England I6271
36 WILLIS, Edward Henry  1882Canterbury, Kent, England I4144
37 WILLIS, Edwin  1927Canterbury, Kent, England I2989
38 WILLIS, Ernest Albert  13 Jan 1976Canterbury, Kent, England I2991

Military & Maritime

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military & Maritime    Person ID 
1 WILLIS, George  5 Oct 1891Canterbury, Kent, England I2987
2 WILLIS, George  29 Aug 1892Canterbury, Kent, England I2987
3 WILLIS, George  16 Nov 1892Canterbury, Kent, England I2987
4 WILLIS, George  19 Nov 1892Canterbury, Kent, England I2987
5 WILLIS, George  25 Nov 1892Canterbury, Kent, England I2987
6 WILLIS, George  16 Dec 1892Canterbury, Kent, England I2987


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENEFIELD / BUSHELL  1848Canterbury, Kent, England F1680
2 DENNIS / DOWN  11 Feb 1731Canterbury, Kent, England F3093
3 DUNN / FINN  20 Dec 1924Canterbury, Kent, England F459
4 HARE / CULLEN  21 Jul 1788Canterbury, Kent, England F340
5 HAWKINS / BENEFIELD  1858Canterbury, Kent, England F1505
6 HOGBEN / HIGGINS  03 Apr 1897Canterbury, Kent, England F1889
7 HOPPER / BALDOCK  27 Dec 1909Canterbury, Kent, England F1646
8 HOUGHAM / HARRIS  17 May 1681Canterbury, Kent, England F721
9 HUFFAM / MORGAN  11 Oct 1718Canterbury, Kent, England F163
10 JOHNCOCK / ELVY  11 Sep 1724Canterbury, Kent, England F595
11 JORDAN / KINGSFORD  18 Oct 1681Canterbury, Kent, England F2218
12 KNOTT / EPPS  11 Dec 1639Canterbury, Kent, England F2702
13 PILCHER / LAWRENCE  27 Dec 1737Canterbury, Kent, England F1886
14 PILE / BAILEY  Nov 19 1916Canterbury, Kent, England F1000
15 PILE / HOLBROOK  25 Dec 1891Canterbury, Kent, England F999
16 WILLIS / HOMERSHAM  1902Canterbury, Kent, England F3107
17 WILLIS / WILLIS  1920Canterbury, Kent, England F1039

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