Buckland, Dover, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.1375940, Longitude: 1.2951670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, John  Apr 1727Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I2517
2 BEER, Henry  1842Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I9447
3 BEER, Richard  1821Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I9446
4 BENEFIELD, John William  1857Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I3780
5 BENEFIELD, William  14 Mar 1884Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I3782
6 BUDDLE, Emma  1874Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I10775
7 BUDDLE, Mary A  1859Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I10772
8 CASTLE, Lucy Mary  19 Jun 1876Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I8774
9 DIXON, Sarah Ann  1893Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I14012
10 FAGG, Ann  1842Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I1419
11 FAGG, James Thomas  1845Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I1420
12 FREEMAN, Ethel S A  1888Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I11485
13 HOPPER, Edmund  16 Feb 1834Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I6987
14 HOPPER, Eliza  28 Nov 1836Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I6988
15 HOPPER, Harriet  19 Feb 1826Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I6984
16 HOPPER, Henry  1839Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I6989
17 HOPPER, Jane  08 Nov 1829Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I6986
18 HOPPER, William  1827Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I6985
19 MAYNE, Alice Frances May  15 May 1900Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I1577
20 NEWINGTON, Harriett Hannah  1852Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I11484
21 UNDERDOWN, Frank Ernest  02 Apr 1878Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I7948
22 WILLIS, Albert Ingram  1866Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I1625
23 WILLIS, Charles Henry  1859Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I107
24 WILLIS, James  1874Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I390
25 WILLIS, James Augustus  1865Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I207
26 WILLIS, Rose Jane  1868Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I1626


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DIXON, Sarah Ann  1 Jul 1893Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I14012
2 MAYNE, Alice Frances May  26 Jan 1901Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I1577
3 WILLIS, Charles Henry  13 Nov 1859Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I107
4 WILLIS, James  1 Mar 1874Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I390
5 WILLIS, James Augustus  30 Apr 1865Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I207


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BEER, Thomas  28 Aug 1851Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I458
2 BEER, William  07 Jan 1856Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I621


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 FAGG, Caroline  5 Apr 1891Buckland, Dover, Kent, England I1474


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BALLARD / WILLIS  13 Jul 1884Buckland, Dover, Kent, England F1036
2 BENEFIELD / GARDNER  04 Aug 1855Buckland, Dover, Kent, England F944
3 GOLDSACK / CHANDLER  09 Apr 1738Buckland, Dover, Kent, England F2335
4 HOPPER / HOLMES  13 Oct 1825Buckland, Dover, Kent, England F1907