Fred GURNSEY’s escape from the Japanese attack on Singapore, February 1942

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Major Denis Nixon Moore (killed when the Shu Kwang was bombed) was aged just 30 years old and is commemorated on the Singapore Memorial and Commonwealth War Graves Commission website:



Frederick Gurnsey was born in 1917 and lived to the ripe old age of 98!

Some years ago he wrote down his account of a few of his wartime experiences. Fred kept this written account to himself until decades later when he sent copies to a few family members, just for their interest. What follows is Fred’s account – changed from the first to the third person initially (for dramatic effect) and then using Fred’s exact words (used here with Fred’s permission).

This account comes from Part 2 of Fred’s autobiography ‘My Family and I’. You can read Part 1 in ‘George and Amy Gurnsey – Devoted to each other until the end‘ telling the story of his parents and family and Part 3 in ‘For the wind is in the palm-trees and it’s there that I would be’ which recounts Fred’s life and adventures at sea after the war.[/x_promo]